How long does it take for prednisone to work

This is a very good thread.  Thanks for bringing it up.I was on pred 6 times in 2010 and antibiotics more than that.  My worst year ever!  The two years before that I was only on it twice, and for the 17 years before that ocassionally, but not once a year.  Eighteen years ago was another bad year for allergies and sinus infections.  I was on mederol dose packs about 5 times, low dosage.  After allergy testing found nothing, my husband and I decided that it was some "high tech" air filters that he had gotten.  We got rid of those and I stopped having the sinus infections.In 2008 most of my bursts were low dosage from my allergist (40 mg for 5 days).  She has been ordering lots of tests to try to find what is keeping my lungs so inflamed and is very mindful of what the pred does long term.  The last dose was in October from my primary care provider and was 60 mg for 7 days.  Withdrawal from that was horrible pain, but it was needed for a para-flu virus that almost had me in the hospital twice.  That would have meant IV steroids.  So I am very thankful I avoided that.My meds list- two puffs Advair 230/21 twice a day, two sprays/nostril Patanase twice a day, pulmacort sinus rinse once a day (I have to mix that in my sinus rinse bottle), guaifenesen-PE 4 – 6 times a day, 3 zyrtec a day, Singulair, Dexilant, ranitidine, 100,000 iu vitamin D3 a week, weekly allergy shots, and monthly Xolair shots.  In addition to that, if I know I will have to be around a lot of fragrances, I take klonapin, tessalon pearl, an extra singulair, an albuterol neb, extra Patanase, atrovent, and NasalCrom.
How long does it take for prednisone to work
  I also have RLS that is made worse by the asthma meds so I take requip for that.   I feel like a walking pharmacy.I just had an impedance study done that shows I have significant acidic and non-acidic reflux described as chronic GERD.  At this point I have not discussed it with any doctors so I don’t know what will be done about that.  My allergist just got back from a medical conference.  I saw her in the hall at the office as I was paying for my allergy shot the other day.  She stopped and talked to me and told me that my name is in her notes from the conference.  She marked several things to try with me.  Some friends keep asking me if trying another allergist would help.  My allergist is a professor at the med school, lectures around the world, and does her own research and development.  She is a fellow in both of the US’s allergy and asthma boards.  She is the very best in the area.We did try to find a pulmonologist for me last year.  That was a total disaster.  The first one was just plain rude and dismissive.  I saw her two weeks after nearly being hospitalized.  I was still coughing gunk up in her pressence.  She did not listen to my lungs at all, but said I was better because my peak flow had increased 20 points since the first time I saw her (she was heading out the door of that visit when she remembered to listen to my lungs).  Between the two visits my peak flows had been up 100 points.  Her whole attitude was that treating asthma was beneath her.

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